See If I Can Use My Mark

Can we use this brand? Can we build and protect this brand?

Do not try to build a brand you can’t keep and defend. You need to know not only about exact matches for your exact products or services, but also about similar names for similar things.  Similar trademarks will prevent registration and cause problems with the owners of other marks.

$700 Flat Fee Clearance Research and Written Guidance

We can find those similar marks, help you understand how they might impact your plans, and help determine a path forward. Our flat fee covers your clearance research and an advisory memo explaining whether a trademark appears to be available and suitable to be registered with the USPTO.  If the news is bad, we will offer suggestions for how you can move forward.

Afraid of legal fees?  Don’t be.

Those days are over.  We do our work on a flat fee basis.

Tell us your trademark; we’ll get to work:

You will work directly with an experienced trademark attorney.

Trademarks Protected and Defended

Years Combined Experience in Trademark Matters

Our lawyers have more than 30 years’ combined experience in trademark matters, including at large firms in Washington, DC and in Virginia. With big firm expertise and experience, small firm service, and flat rates, we are ready to help. We protect and defend more than 1,000 trademarks for large and small companies. Our clients include Fortune 500 and tiny startup companies.