Defend My Trademark

Sooner or later, most trademark owners will have a problem with someone else using their brand or one that is too similar.

Affordable Help When You Need It

We can investigate and assess the problem, and enforce your rights in your trademark.

You may also receive a demand or cease and desist letter from someone demanding that you change your brand.

We can prepare a full and accurate demand, response, adversarial approach, or settlement.

Afraid of legal fees?  Don’t be.

Those days are over.  We do our work on a flat fee basis. 

No surprises.

Tell us how we can help:

You will work directly with an experienced trademark attorney.

Trademarks Protected and Defended

Years Combined Experience in Trademark Matters

Our lawyers have more than 30 years’ combined experience in trademark matters, including at large firms in Washington, DC and in Virginia. With big firm expertise and experience, small firm service, and flat rates, we are ready to help. We protect and defend more than 1,000 trademarks for large and small companies. Our clients include Fortune 500 and tiny startup companies.